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About company

Kuzbassshakhttekhnologiya Ltd is the powerful enterprise located in Novokuznetsk - the industrial heart of Siberia - the city of miners, metallurgists and machinists.

Regularly improving design of the equipment the Company manufactures modern and qualitative equipment for the mining industry. The company produces over 100 items of products for the mining industry including mining winches, overhead monorail ПМД-140 and ПМД-200, auxiliary hinged equipment for mine locomotives, hydraulic couplings, conveyors, reduction gears for conveyors and winches, hydraulic pushers, belt reloaders, universal tubular shoots (diameter from 0,8 m to 1,2m).

More information about the list of products can be founded in the catalog.
Kuzbassshakhttekhnologiya Ltd not only manufactures equipment but also delivers it to the customer, installs it, carries out after-sales service, warranty and major repairs.
The Company has possibility to carry out major repair of heading and cleaning machines, overhead monorail, monorail mine locomotives, auxiliary hinged equipment for mine locomotives, augers of cleaning machines of all types and crowns of heading machines (under Krummenauer technology), hydraulic coupling of all types, dimensions, capacity and different manufacturer.

Number of employees of Kuzbassshakhttekhnologiya Ltd is more than 350 people. The Company owns a powerful production base covering about 5 hectares. Only modern equipment is used.
Continuous modernization, renovation and replacement of production capacity not only improve the quality of products and services, but also a beneficially affects on working conditions.

The Company has extensive experience and rich history; Kuzbassshakhttekhnologiya Ltd has been working in the mining industry since 2000. For years of work the company acquired the reputation of reliable partner and supplier of equipment, a qualified contractor for the mine construction.

Existence of its own rail sidings allows to receive raw materials and components without intermediate bases and also to send finished products to any address in Russia and abroad specified by the customer without delay.
To the customers of Kuzbassshakhttekhnologiya Ltd. belong almost all enterprises of coal mining industry in Russia, located in the Kuzbass and in other regions. Products and services of the company are in great demand in the countries of near and far abroad, such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Great Britain and Germany.
Foreign counterparts and manufacturers of mining equipment, spare parts and components are reliable partners of the Siberian company Kuzbassshakhttekhnologiya Ltd.

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